Customer Portal – Your Answer to Prayer

Ok, the customer portal may not have been a prayer of yours but it most certainly was a dream.

Do you have clients that don’t want to come into the office? Do you have clients that live out of state? Did you know clients text messaging you images of their most sensitive information is not allowed?

BOOM……. Introducing the CUSTOMER PORTAL!!!

We haven’t really told you what it is yet but it’s awesome. The feature was new for last season and we didn’t talk too much about it till we had run it through its paces. It passed the test with flying colors.

What is it?

The customer portal allows your client to setup an account where they can message you, send source docs and sign their return… Remotely!!! Better yet, the documents and signatures flow into your software… into the clients return under the scanned docs menu. 2 X BOOM!

People demand convenience and options. The customer portal checks both boxes.

Check it out: Click HERE to watch a video or Click HERE to download some words and pictures.