RightWay Tax Solutions offers several tools solutions to help you grow profits, increase customer loyalty, and run your tax office more efficiently.

Brandable Phone App

Accessibility is key to competing in today’s taxpreperation landscape. Clients demand convenience and the ability to reach you from wherever they are in the world. The TaxesToGo application allows your clients the ability to provide you their tax information at their leisure from their cell phone or tablet. They simply download your app from Google Play store or iTunes and snap, scan (upload pictures of their documents) and sign. It’s really that easy!

Paperless Office Solutions

The name of the game is efficiency! Printing, getting signatures, creating files and filing all take time…. Not to mention space and money. Never is the saying, “time is money” more true than during Tax Season.

The goal of our paperless office solution is to increase your efficiency and decrease your costs and reduce your liability.


Top of mind awareness is a key factor in client retention and new customer acquisition. Come tax time your customers are being messaged non stop by your competition via t.v., radio and even their social media feeds. The only thing better than that is the ability to send personalized text messages to the thing that never leaves their side – their cell phone.

Cloud Reporting

The ability to make accurate and timely business decisions is dependent on your access to accurate and timely data! Our cloud reporting module allows for convenient access to accurate data and near real time updates.

Multi-Office Management

Owning and operating a single location tax business is a challenge, running a multi-location tax business presents a whole nother set of challenges that we have solutions for.

Visibility and control are two of the most important elements in a fluid multi-office environment. Each of our platforms (ProWeb and Dashboard) put realtime reporting, management of office configuration/permissions and access to the actual tax return at your fingertips.


One of a company’s most valuable assets is it’s brand. Having a strong brand improves recognition, inspires trust, supports your advertising, generates customer acquisition, inspires employees and eliminates confusion.

Identity & Credit Protection

With the Protect My ID package your taxpayer will receive 24×7 cyber-monitoring to ensure that if the client’s ID has been compromised DefendMyID will know about it. It will also assist in blocking some of the most common tricks thieves use to gain access to client information.

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