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Multi-office Management

Running a multi-location tax business presents a whole set of challenges and we have solutions to make it easier.

Multi-office Management

Owning and operating a single location tax business is a challenge, but running a multi-location tax business presents a whole other set of challenges that we have solutions for.

Visibility and control are two of the most important elements in a fluid multi-office environment. Each of our platforms (ProWeb and Dashboard) put realtime reporting, management of office configuration/permissions and access to the actual tax return at your fingertips. Instead of guessing what is going on in your offices, you can know with certainty from anywhere in the world. These capabilities have changed for the better the way many owner’s choose to structure their businesses.

Previously, the thought of having “remote” prepares was terrifying and impractical. Now, it is commonplace and dare we say standard.

The controls, safeguards and workflow we have built into these platforms allow you to be as dynamic and versatile as your imagination will allow. If you can dream it, chances are, we can support it!

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My experience with RightWay has been amazing

My experience with RightWay has been amazing. From the beginning I have always received amazing personal service. Even as they continue to grow, I do not feel like just a number.
I have referred several people to them, and they are all so very pleased with the personal service and assistance.
RightWay is not just a software company, they bring so much information and assistance to the table. They are always trying to find ways to help their clients earn more money, even after tax season.
RightWay also makes it their job to stay up to date on all of the latest technology to help your business grow. I have always felt like their main priority was making sure that I was successful. You will not find that from any other software company!!!

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