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Brandable Mobile App

The mobile application allows your clients the ability to provide you their tax information at their leisure from their cell phone or tablet.

Snap, Scan, & Sign From Phone Or Tablet

Supported Across All RightWay Applications

Accessibility is key to competing in today’s tax preparation landscape. Clients demand convenience and the ability to reach you from wherever they are in the world. The mobile application allows your clients the ability to provide you their tax information at their leisure from their cell phone or tablet. They simply download your app from Google Play store or iTunes and snap, scan (upload pictures of their documents) and sign. It’s really that easy!

Your client’s input the basic information, upload their docs to the app, and their information pulls into the software. You then use the documents they provided to prepare the return. When you complete the return, you send them a request for them to sign. When the taxpayer has completed signing the signed documents return to the software and save directly to the software.

This is an ideal solution for out of town clients!

Did we mention that the mobile is brandable? Your logo and name are presented front and center every time your client logins into the app.

Additionally, you have the ability to correspond with your client directly through the app. The client can initiate the message or if you have additional questions, you can start the conversation. It really is a beautiful thing!

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The entire RightWay team are truly, outstanding.

The entire RightWay team are truly, outstanding.

Having been attached to a much larger outfit previously, we have found the level, and quality of service to be unparalleled.
Good, honest, and actionable folks. From the beginning there has been a genuine concern for our business, and the things that make us unique.

RightWay has been committed to understanding, and better yet, responding to our needs at each point.
In a world where relationships are key to success, we feel confident in what RightWay does to make it possible for us to keep stepping out as industry leaders.

Zig Ziglar said “if people like you they will listen to you, but if they trust you they will do business with you,” perhaps the fact that they have chosen the name RightWay is no mistake! In the three years we have worked with RightWay our business has grown year over year never less than 10%, and RightWay’s service has never wavered.

You cannot go wrong by trusting your business, and clients to RightWay.

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