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ID Protection & Credit Restoration

Offer clients comprehensive Identity Theft Protection, Credit Monitoring and Restoration services at a bargain price.

The Threat Of Identity Theft And Credit Disruption Is Real

Millions Affected Across America

Identity Theft is an unfortunate but very real threat to everyone in our digital society. It is the modern version of pick pocketing but with potentially longer lasting and more devastating financial consequences. The problem has become so bad that this year nearly 7% of Americans (that’s 22 million people) will become victims.

Defend MyID provides tax businesses the opportunity to offer their valuable clients comprehensive Identity Theft Protection, Credit Monitoring and Restoration services at a bargain price.

Defend MyID is powered by the most experienced, trusted and technologically advanced provider in the field.

Below is a list of services included in the Defend MyID offering. One service we would like to highlight is restoration services. Restoration services does not only apply to one’s identity but also to their credit. In the event a Defend MyId member has inaccuracies on their credit report, simply call our team of restoration experts and they will assist them in getting the errors removed.


Credit & Identity Theft Protection Bundle

Change of Address

Change of Address Service reports and monitors if and when an enrolled subscriber’s mail has been redirected through USPS. The Change of Address database is queried and data is made available on a weekly basis.


DefendMyID’s Non-Credit Loan Services alert subscribers when loans have been acquired with their Social Security number. The reports reveal quick-cash or “payday” loans associated with a subscriber’s information.

Sex Offender Alert

DefendMyID’s Sex Offender alerts and reports enable subscribers to discover and monitor registered sex offenders living in their neighborhood using registries from all 50 states, Washington D.C, Puerto Rico and Guam.

Credit Monitoring

DefendMyID supports Experian, Transunion and Equifax credit data. DefendMyID can provide TransUnion Single Bureau (1B) or Tri-Bureau (3B) Credit reports, scores and/or monitoring.

Full-Service Restoration

DefendMyID’s Full-Service Identity Restoration service provides compromised subscribers with a certified identity theft restoration specialist to provide full-service identity restoration.


CyberSearch is a proprietary surveillance technology that monitors activity on internet and millions of data points and alerts subscribers if their personal information is being bought or sold online.

$1 Million Insurance

Identity Theft Insurance will reimburse subscribers in the US for certain expenses associated with restoring their identity should they become a victim of identity theft after enrollment.

SSN Trace

Social Security Number Trace Service provides a report of all names, aliases and addresses associated with a Subscriber’s Social Security Number. Detection of both synthetic identity fraud and true name identity fraud is included.

Lost Wallet

DefendMyID’s Lost Wallet Services provide Subscribers protection for personally identifiable information that has been compromised.


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