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The RightWay Team has extensive experience in the development of a tax business. The business needs of a single tax office can be vastly different from the needs of a national tax franchise and the RightWay Team is equipped to handle each type of business.

Below are some of the client types that the RightWay Team has had the pleasure of working with and developing solutions for each of their individual needs.

New Tax Business

How do I generate new business? What do I need to do to be in compliance with the IRS? Where do I get this and where do I get that? How do I develop a marketing plan? How do I buy top notch software without paying through the nose for it?

We’ve got the answers!

Friendly voice on the other end of the phone

I have been in business for myself for 4 years and Rightway has been with me the whole way. I have dealt with other software companies throughout my career, none like Rightway. When I need help or have a question there is always very friendly voice on the other end of the phone, ready and willing to serve my needs. Even the owners of the company take my calls and are super helpful. It’s a great company to help businesses of all types. Thank you Rightway for all your help and support.

Mcallen, TX
High Volume Single Office

Single and Multi-Site Tax Business

You have more than likely seen a 10-15% drop in business in the last 3 years. Why? We can hypothesize all year or we can help you implement proven tax business growth strategies.

We would appreciate the opportunity to explore your current strategies, tactics and partner relationships in order to help you develop a winning formula to get that volume back!

Rightway has been the best since day 1!

Rightway has been the best since day 1! They are super efficient and always keeping up with the latest technology. The products are top notch, user-friendly and clients love the accessibility of the mobile app they built for us. I would recommend this service to each and every tax professional! They certainly have a lifetime customer with my organization.

Washington D.C.
High Volume Single Office

Service Bureau

How do I gain market share and lower the prospective customer’s barrier to entry? What value added services can I offer to create an element of stickiness and lower customer attrition? If these are questions you are having difficulty answering, we may be able to help!

My experience with RightWay has been amazing

My experience with RightWay has been amazing. From the beginning I have always received amazing personal service. Even as they continue to grow, I do not feel like just a number.
I have referred several people to them, and they are all so very pleased with the personal service and assistance.
RightWay is not just a software company, they bring so much information and assistance to the table. They are always trying to find ways to help their clients earn more money, even after tax season.
RightWay also makes it their job to stay up to date on all of the latest technology to help your business grow. I have always felt like their main priority was making sure that I was successful. You will not find that from any other software company!!!

Houston, TX
Service Bureau

Tax Franchise

Generally speaking you know what you are doing… how can we assist you? By lowering your software implementation costs and provide you a platform that gives you more visibility into office activities and their production.

This is important for the obvious reasons of billing and to ensure adherence to company quality assurance guidelines for brand uniformity and protection of brand integrity. Be prepared for a long discussion.

The entire RightWay team are truly, outstanding.

The entire RightWay team are truly, outstanding.

Having been attached to a much larger outfit previously, we have found the level, and quality of service to be unparalleled.
Good, honest, and actionable folks. From the beginning there has been a genuine concern for our business, and the things that make us unique.

RightWay has been committed to understanding, and better yet, responding to our needs at each point.
In a world where relationships are key to success, we feel confident in what RightWay does to make it possible for us to keep stepping out as industry leaders.

Zig Ziglar said “if people like you they will listen to you, but if they trust you they will do business with you,” perhaps the fact that they have chosen the name RightWay is no mistake! In the three years we have worked with RightWay our business has grown year over year never less than 10%, and RightWay’s service has never wavered.

You cannot go wrong by trusting your business, and clients to RightWay.

Las Vegas, NV
Tax Franchise

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