Do you know your IRS issued EFIN “tracking number“? If you intend to e-file next tax season, you must have access to your IRS E-services account!

The IRS is implementing a new requirement in order to reduce EFIN theft. Basically, the IRS is issuing every EFIN a 20 digit tracking number that must be entered to complete your tax software setup. Without this 20 digit tracking number issued by the IRS, which is obtained through your E-services account, you will not be able to E-file!

Locating Your IRS Tracking Number from IRS e-Services

Follow these steps to locate your IRS Tracking Number:

  1. Access the  IRS e-Services Account Sign Up and Log In Page
  2. Enter your username and select LOG IN 
  3. Enter your password in the space provided and select SUBMIT
  4. You will be prompted to provide your 6-digit security code in the space provided. Select SUBMIT
  5. Follow the onscreen prompts by selecting the CONTINUEand/or SUBMIT buttons until you reach the ESAM Application Landing Page
  6. Locate your Tracking Number in the list of Applications:



This is all the information we have at the moment. What we want to stress and emphasize is that you make certain that you can access your E-services account and locate this number for future use! The IRS EFIN Tracking Number will be REQUIRED to E-File 2018 Tax Returns.