Heads up!!!!! Bank Application submissions will begin soon! 

We anticipate enrollment opening on October 2nd.

Also, our awesome banking partners (Refund-Advantage, Republic Bank and Santa Barbara Tax Products Group) will be releasing their 2018 Tax Season program details and it is pretty exciting news.

One new and very important part of enrollment is the need for you to get your IRS tracking number from IRS E-services. Your Tax Software will not be able to e-file until the Tracking Number has been verified by the IRS! This is to prevent unauthorized use of your EFIN.

Below is a quick reference on how to locate your IRS Tracking number within e-services…..

Follow these steps to locate your IRS Tracking Number:
1. Access the  IRS e-Services Account Sign Up and Log In Page. If you do not have an e-services account, click Create Account and follow the on-screen prompts..

2. Enter your username and select LOG IN. If you are an existing e-Services user, but have not registered in the new e-services system, you will be prompted to update your registration. Follow the onscreen prompts.

3. Enter your password in the space provided and select SUBMIT

4. A 6-digit security code will be sent to the phone number you provided when you registered for e-Services. You will be prompted to enter your 6-digit security code in the space provided. Select SUBMIT

5. Follow the onscreen prompts by selecting the CONTINUE and/or SUBMIT buttons until you reach the ESAM Application Landing Page

6. Locate your Tracking Number in the list of Applications:

The Tracking Number will contain 16 or 20 digits. Copy the Tracking Number associated with your EFIN! If you process and submit your own bank registrations, go ahead and plug that in your office record in your account. If RightWay facilitates this for you… please give us a call and we will update your account!

Things are about to get exciting! We hope you are ready! We sure are!!!