Is Identity Theft still an issue?


Answer: Yes




Below is some really good information!
What is the conclusion of the article?


Answer: You need to offer your clients DefendMyID.


You don’t know what DefendMyID is?

Answer: It’s a comprehensive Identity Monitoring and Restoration Service, powered by Experian and integrated into your software.

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Don’t take our word for it, Web Security Company Ensighten provides the details – Read Ensighten Article

These hackers are not some nerd in their mom’s basement. These are international criminal organizations who have turned Cyber Crime into big businesses, raking in $100’s of millions, at your expense.

Since Cyber Crime is so lucrative, nearly all cases go unsolved and unprosecuted… this problem is not going away. The numbers are so big, they really don’t even make sense.

Here are some quick Identity Theft Facts:           

  • Over $172 Billion stolen annually.
  • 978 Million People from 20 Countries Impacted.
  • 158 Million Social Security Numbers exposed.
  • 65% of breaches include email addresses and passwords

Click Here to read a Forbes Article talking about the scale and impact of the threat.

So, what can you do about it?


  1. Destroy or secure personal documents containing sensitive information.
    • Your car is not secure!!!
  2. Don’t trust anyone, even family – Sad but true!
    • Restrict who has access to your information.
  3. If an email seems fishy, it likely is!
  4. Don’t click on links from:
    • Social Media Messaging – No matter how bad you want to. These jerks are clever!
    • Unsolicited Text Messages
  5. Use strong Passwords- 8 of more characters + Upper and Lower Case + Numbers + special characters
    • Don’t use the same password everywhere
    • As the Forbes Article above indicated, big companies make mistakes and expose your information.
  6. Activate Anti-Virus Software on all your computers.
    • Windows Defender or something comparable.
  7. Make sure your computers are current on updates!
  8. Change the Password on your internet router.
    • Steps vary by model – Click Here for Basic Instructions for NetGear Routers.
  9. Be careful with accessing public WIFI.


Your still vulnerable!

Wait, I do all of the above! How can I still be vulnerable?

It may not be your fault. Some company you have an account with dropped the ball and now some Russian is buying iPhone 11’s on your credit card.

You ever use GrubHub or have an account with Capital One? Maybe you have a Facebook account (Everyone Raise your Hand)!? All have had Data Breaches…This YEAR!

Well, what else can you do to protect yourself? Even scarier, think about how vulnerable your clients are!


Say hello to DefendMyID – Comprehensive ID Protection

In 2016, RightWay integrated DefendMyID into the tax software in response to the issue of ID Theft. It has been a success and we wanted to make sure you are aware of all the benefits!

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