Did you know…?

That almost 90% of all the mobile (cell phone/tablet) data used is within a phone app? What does that mean? That means that very few people are going directly to the internet to do stuff on their phones.

Basically, there is an app for that!

So, if everyone uses phone apps to do everything….why should your taxpayers tax preparation experience be any different? It doesn’t have to be!

Last year RightWay launched a the mobile application to better help tax preparers serve their remote, millennial, busy, lazy, tech savvy or some combination there of taxpayer. The hope is that the mobile app will help the tax office get back some of the clients they lost to the do it yourself.

How? By providing the taxpayer a more convenient, less time consuming way to get their return professionally prepared without actually stepping foot in a tax office. The ability to send docs, chat and even sign all from the app!

Intro – TaxesToGo. This was our first venture into the mobile app world and for a first year program, it was incredibly successful. It wasn’t perfect, but it was a great start. We have all the kinks worked out and year 2 is going to be AMAZING!

Please watch the video below corresponding to the RightWay platform you utilize and you will see how the app works from begging to end.

ProWeb Video Instructions – Watch

DeskTop Video Instructions – Watch

Here is what you are looking for in your app store.

Go and download the app and test it for yourself!