Filing Season 2019 Desktop Backup Procedures

 Desktop Data Backup Procedure

Unfortunately, computers crash all the time and sometimes without warning. Regularly backing up your data throughout tax season is always recommended. If this is not a standard practice for you, at a minimum, do this now or A.S.A.P! Below are the steps for completing this process!

From the Transmitting Computer:

  1. Upload all files from each workstation to the main transmitting computer (if networked, this is automatic).
  2. Make certain that no returns are open in the Tax program on any computer, especially if you are using a server in your office.
  3. Insert the storage device (thumb drive) into a USB slot on the transmitting computer.
  4. Make note of which drive is assigned to the storage device Ex: (Z;) (S;)
  5. Start the 2018 Tax program and login
  6. From the main menu, open the Utilities Menu – Option 8
  7. Open the Program Backup Utility – Option 5
  8. Make sure the Backup button is selected
  9. In the Target Drive drop down list select the drive assigned to your storage device
  10. Click the Start button
  11. When the backup is complete, the message “Backup Complete” will be displayed
  12. If any other message is displayed, repeat steps 1-10 until the “Backup Complete” message is displayed. If you have any challenges, as always, we are ready and willing to assist!
  13. The USB device with taxpayer data SHOULD be secured and encrypted to prevent data loss or theft!
  14. Windows has a built in encryption tool called BitLocker. If you are unfamiliar with BitLocker, Click here to learn something new! Warning: Do not forget your password!
  15. If all of this is overwhelming or confusing, call our amazing support team to help @ 866-240-8629

Thank you 🙂