The question is… How do I get my business found on the internet?

For many Tax Professionals, internet marketing is a very scary proposition. The reality is there are a couple of easy things you could and should be doing that will make your business much more visible… Important side note…The basic functionality is FREE!

  1. Yelp! – If you are unfamiliar with Yelp, it is essentially a crowd-sourced review forum. What’s that mean? Your customers have the ability to go on and post reviews about your business.

Reviews are an incredibly powerful tool to validate your business and help bring in new customers. Assuming everyone is leaving you positive reviews.

Getting setup on Yelp is very simple and free! Did we mention it is free? To get started, click HERE and follow the prompts to claim or create your business listing!

Once you are all setup, simply ask your clients to go leave you a glowing review!

Click HERE! for some additional information to help you decide if Yelp is worth your time?  

  1.  Google My Business – This is probably one of the most important things to have correct and accurate.


What is it? It is the ability for you to have your business listed on google and make it easy for people to find you. It allows you to build a one page basic web page for free! You can also post to the page and make updates to the site whenever you choose.

Click HERE to get started! And Click HERE to get step by step setup instructions!

  1. Social Media – There are so many platforms nowadays that managing one is hard but 5 or 6 platforms? Forgetaboutit!

We suggest pick one or two of them (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Linkedin, Twitter, Snapchat, Etc.) and make sure to connect with your customers! Ask them to share your page and invite friends to like it also! For business, we suggest starting with Facebook. Most of us have some cursory level of familiarity with the platform already. Additionally, the variety of media that is supported by Facebook is more diverse.


Don’t try and eat the elephant in one bite… actually don’t ever eat an elephant, that’s gross! But, you know what we mean.

  1. Take it slow – Start with one platform, dial it in before tackling the next! Ensure your listing or profile is optimized for maximum impact/accuracy/engagement, then take another bite out of the, wait… then take the next step! If you get overwhelmed, take a small break (1-2 days) and then try again. It’s just like anything else, repetition develops familiarity, familiarity develops confidence and allows you to progress in your mastery of a given platform.
  2. Use your resources – With a couple of words in a search engine you can learn the basics of just about anything. Youtube is a treasure chest of information… sometimes it requires moving some dirt before you get to the gold, but it’s there.
  3. Don’t be scared – If you are just getting started, you can’t really screw anything up that bad. You likely don’t have thousand’s, hundreds or even a dozen likes/fans/followers/etc. that are going to (un)follow/friend/subscribe and in most cases, something is better than nothing.

Get out there, be fearless and make something happen! 🙂