IP WHITELIST IN PROWEB – Pro Web is an amazing platform that allows all the capabilities that the internet provides. Without restricting or Whitelisting  IP addresses, your preparers can access the software from any internet connection, day or night…which is amazing. But, let’s say for some reason you do not want them to have that capability. That is what this tool was designed for. You have the ability to allow only certain IP addresses access your software? What does that mean? That means, you can now restrict your preparers from accessing the software from computers other than those that have Whitelisted IP Addresses!

What is an IP ADDRESS?

An IP address or Internet Protocol address is a unique code assigned to devices connected to the internet. Click here for instructions on how to locate your computer IP address click.

What is a WHITELIST? – A Whitelist is a list of programs, devices, accounts or entities that have specific access or privilege.

What is IP WHITELISTING? – IP Whitelisting is the action of assigning specific IP addresses access to a program, device, account or entity through a security filter (firewall or security service). Doing this prevents other IP addresses from accessing programs, devices, accounts or other entities not recognized.

To learn how to set this up click HERE to watch a 3 minute video or read below or do both…why do I care:)


  • Select Configuration from the main menu.

  • Select Office IP Whitelist from Configuration section. If you do not see the option for Office IP Whitelist it is because you need to add it to the security template in your preparer profile.

  • Enter your computer IP Address and any other office computer IP Addresses you would like to access Proweb  in the provided box  and click ADD. You have successfully whitelisted the IP addresses for access to Proweb!

Hopefully, this feature will be of benefit to you. Now you know…and knowing is half the battle – G.I. Joe

All the best!