It’s June. The kids are out of school. Summer vacation plans are set and escaping the stresses of everyday life is priority numero uno.

Unfortunately; vacations end, seasons change and business must go on. 

Getting back into the groove usually takes a bit of time. But…. at this point you have written down your business objectives/goals for the year (If not, please do so now). So, its just a matter of having the necessary motivation and executing.

Denis Waitley says : “The reason most people never reach their goals is that they don’t define them, learn about them, or even seriously consider them as believable or achievable. Winners can tell you where they are going, what they plan to do along the way, and who will be sharing the adventure with them.” .

According to a TED Talk give by Scott Geller, it is imperative you answer the following 3 simple questions.

Q1: Can I do this? Meaning : Do I have the necessary knowledge, training and time? If answer is yes – move to Q2. If answer is no, you may need to hire additional personnel or maybe even a consultant.

Q2: Will it work? Meaning : Are you convinced that if you put in the necessary work you will succeed. This is not a matter of blind faith. This is a matter of crunching the numbers, polling your audience and being well educated on the topic.

If answer is yes – move to Q3. If answer is no, you may need to hire additional personnel or maybe even a consultant.

Q3: Is it worth it? Meaning : Is the potential result worth the effort? Based on what is required of me to make this thing or these things happen…Is it really worth it?

The reason  for the foundational questioning is to determine:

1. Level of Competence – Do you have the required knowledge to measure your success, provide accurate feedback and make course correction/be honest with yourself and acknowledge when you have failed or need help?

2. Considered the consequences – Motivation is not longstanding if the decision was purely emotional and lacked the reasoned consideration of the consequences. You must meditate on in it daily. Wake up and remind yourself why you do what you do. Is it for your family? Is it to challenge yourself to fulfill your God given potential? What is the driver? and why? and then why again?

Side Note: The use of the word consequences is intentional, due to the mental imagery generally associated. It takes us back to our childhood and having to put our nose in the corner for speaking out of turn.  Consequences are both good and bad. The consequence of not eating a bunch of junk during tax season is… I can wear a bathing suit at the beach without  feeling like a sea monster. We could have used the word results but it’s just not as effective or as memorable/effective as “consequences”.

What are the consequences for doing nothing? What are the consequences if you succeed?

3. Community – Do you have the necessary support structure to keep you accountable? Or to support you when you struggle?

4. Level of Commitment – Are you inspired, empowered, success seeking, determined and well reasoned to perform?

Whats stopping you? Most often the limiting factor is YOU…. your willingness to be challenged, to dedicate the time, to be disciplined in your approach, to be committed to the cause and to work the plan.

My father always told me, ” work the plan and the plan will work and the better the plan the better the outcome”.

In summary, to steal from Nike….”Just Do It”!