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This is kind of a big deal! If you weren’t aware, the IRS announced early this summer they were going to support e-file for 1040X.

The Software has been updated by the Rockstar development team to support this new capability.

Below are the steps for electronically filing the 1040X:

  1. Add the 1040X to the return and complete it as normal.
  2. Navigate to the e-file section.
  3. Make sure the federal return is marked for an electronic type.
    • If you processed the original return, this should already be complete.
    • If you are fixing some other offices mess, select e-file mail check.
      • IRS will not Direct Deposit on 1040X yet.
    • If client has a balance due, select E-file Mail Payment.
  4. On the E-file screen there is a New Amended Return Information Menu.
    • Click on Amended Return Information to expand.
  5. Answer the Question – Does the Taxpayer want to file Form 1040-X electronically?
    • Select yes
  6. Complete all the necessary fields to E-file.
  7. From the submission page, you will see the option to Save And Transmit Amended Return
    • When you are ready to Submit to the IRS, Select:

Frequently Asked Questions?

Q: What years can I electronically file a 1040X?

A:  2019 and forward

Q:  Can I electronically file state amended returns?

A:  No, we are not currently supporting the electronic filing of any state amended returns

Q:  What does it mean if my 1040X is rejected for the primary SSN already being on file?

A:  Most likely the taxpayer completed the EIP tool on IRS.gov or their return was electronically filed and was classified as an EIP return.

Q:  Can I electronically file a 1040X if the original 1040 was filed via paper?

A:  No, the IRS MEF system must have an accepted 1040 return on file

Q:  Did my site have to submit the original 1040 electronically to file the 1040X electronically?

A:  No, however the return must be an accepted 1040 return on file in their MEF system.

Q:  How do I file a 1040X electronically if I did not prepare and file the original return

A:  You will follow the same procedures you have in place if a taxpayer comes to you wanting you to prepare a 1040X.  You need to verify that they electronically filed the original return and you are inputting the return as it was originally accepted.

Q:  If the taxpayer is getting additional money back, how will it be received?

A:  Via paper check

We hope this helps!