Scammers are always looking for ways to prey on ill informed or naive Consumers/Taxpayers.  This isn’t anything new but it appears a new wave of “IRS” phone scams have kicked up! Don’t let your clients get duped.

The IRS has warned of Tax Scams using fear of arrest to get people to cough up some dough. We think this might be a good touch point for you to inform your clients and help prevent them from being a sucker.

Here is a great article from 2015 – Scam Article 

Maybe, shoot out a message or work something like this into your talk track!

Example: Just so you know, The IRS will never call you demanding payment for past due debts. They will send you a letter! If you receive a call of this nature; it is a scam! Do not tell them anything, but ask for a letter to be mailed and hang up!

Happy Friday!