In this article we want to inspire you to think of ways to build your brand through Unpaid Opportunities.

Recent Opportunity

Many of you are quite familiar with the name Santa Barbara Tax Products Group (SBTPG). For those of you living under a rock, they are the largest bank product processor in the tax industry and our largest banking partner. The RightWay community does roughly 55% of its bank volume with them.

We recently had an opportunity to guest write an article for SBTPG. The article is titled Process = Profit. Click HERE to read!

The Article is fine (worth the read) but not going to win any awards.

Why Guest Write for SBTPG?

Here was our thought process : How can we….

  • Get our Company name in front of as many Tax Offices as possible
  • As cheaply as possible
  • Gain credibility as an expert of some kind
  • And not get flagged as spam

Abracadabra – Check, Check, Check and Check!

What did it cost us? $0, 2 phone calls, 4 emails and about 2 hours of writing time… CHEAP!

How to make it happen?

So, how did RightWay get this opportunity? We Asked! We simply called up their marketing department and asked if we could supply some content that we believe every tax office could benefit form.

Worst case scenario, they say no. But they said yes and now our company name and logo shows up in 1000’s of tax offices email inbox.

What will come of it? Maybe nothing, but we live in a marketing environment that is all about impressions. How many impressions did we gain from this? No Idea. Was it worth it? Absolutely!

Have you ever heard of the Rule of 7? The most recent marketing research says that a prospective customer needs to see your company name/logo a minimum of 7 times in an 18 month period before they will remember you or consider buying from you.

Well, for whoever read the article, we got one impression. 6 more to go!

How can you do something like this?

For a tax office, guest writing for a bank product processor like SBTPG doesn’t make any sense.

However, you could go speak at a job fair. You could contact the HR department of major employer in your area and offer to give a talk about their W4 elections and how it impacts their refund.

You could call up your local T.V. station and offer to come on and talk about the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act… what it means for the average person in your community.

You could call the news paper and offer to write an article on (insert topic here)… Whatever you want! The opportunities are out there if you are creative and willing to ask the enough of the right people.

Hopefully this got your creative juices flowing and sparked a couple of ideas on how you can get out there and cheaply build brand awareness!

All the best! – RW