Data Security Plan

Today, December 13, 2021 the IRS published Tax Tip 2021-184. In this “Tip” they mention something that most Tax Pro’s probably aren’t aware of or forgot about.

They make sure to point out that, “The IRS and Security Summit partners remind tax professionals that federal law requires them to have a written information security plan. In addition to the required information security plan, tax pros also should consider an emergency response plan should they experience a breach and data theft.

This is not subtle and our read on this is, “knock knock, this is the IRS, can we a see a copy of your security plan?”

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Make a Plan! Get Started… NOW!

So, how do you get started? Starting is always the hardest part! You know what makes starting easier … A Template!

CLICK HERE to download an editable Data Security Plan Template!

I can assure you, this will not be fun but this template will make your life much easier.

Another IRS resource to reference is: Security Guide For Tax Pros: