10 things we wish we would never forget.



10 Things that if focused on will make you very wealthy.

We know there are many, many more but we wanted to give you our top 10.

  1. Make it easy for customer to do business with you!
    • Communicate your hours of operation
    • Methods of contact (Phone Numbers, Textellent, Email, Facebook messenger)
    • Virtual options like the Phone App and Customer Portal
    • Listen to them and they will tell you how to improve the experience.
  2. Know your numbers!
    • Monitor you cash flow, Margins, Sales projections, P&L, Preparer Productivity. Etc.
  3. Follow Up and Follow Through on everything!
    • Don’t assume it’s complete because it was tasked to someone
    • Don’t assume it was done correctly with out some checks and balances
      • Have a process to ensure completion
  4. No is not an answer – Look for solutions.
    • Solutions oriented mind sets lead to innovation
    • Let me check on that.
    • I’m not sure about that… But I know we can XYZ.
  5. Every Customer Counts!!!Refuse to talk negatively about challenging customers! They are challenging, they are not cotton headed ninny muggins.
    • Remember, they pay your bills.
    • You are competing for reviews, referrals and revenue.
    • Negative customer experiences will cost you more than just that customer.
  6. Be a Sponge!
    • Observe what works and what doesn’t
    • Research ways to improve
    • Be around positive people, Negativity will seep in whether you want it to or not.
  7. Be Optimistic – With a really good plan to back it up! The glass is always full… some air, some water but always full… maintain perspective.

8. The Best plan is useless with out the will to execute it.

9. Don’t get complacent. Change with the times and look to the future.

    • Yesterdays success is no guarantee of tomorrows fortune.

10. Clearly Communicate your vision, plan and expectations to each member of your team!

    • Don’t wait too long to provide correction when the actions of a team member is not in alignment!


If you have some ideas you think we should have included, Please send them to info@rwtsolutions.com and we will begin to build another, even better list based off of your input.

Let the count down begin!